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Virtual Reality to go Mainstream at 500 Best Buy

In preparation for the upcoming holiday shopping season, Best Buy Co Inc. (BBY) has begun providing in-person demonstrations of Facebook’s (FB) virtual reality system in stores. The retailer has announced it will roll out demonstrations of Facebook’s Occulus Rift at 500 locations across the United States. Best Buy also plans …

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Paranoia is ‘reduced with virtual reality’

Paranoia is Reduced with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been used to help treat severe paranoia. Patients who suffered persecutory delusions were encouraged to step into a computer-generated Underground train carriage and a lift. The simulations allowed the study’s 30 patients to learn social situations they feared were actually safe. The research at Oxford University, published …

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This Is What A $100,000 VR Setup Looks Like

This is what a $100,000 Set up Looks Like

Noitom is a Chinese company with one very big American dream. The organization behind the Perception Neuron motion capture system announced during an address at SVVR this year that it will be making a social VR product, called Project Alice, available for purchase to US clients for the very first time. Noitom …

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Facebook’s Oculus Rift Won’t be the iPhone of Virtual Reality

Facebook‘s time as a hardware manufacturer may be short lived. In March, the social networking giant launched its first piece of hardware: the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift. Although the Oculus Rift won’t generate much revenue for Facebook in 2016, it still represents something of a surprising shift in Facebook’s core business model. Until last …

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GoPro Inc. Launches a Virtual Reality Platform

This isn’t GoPro’s first attempt to spur mainstream interest in 360-degree videos. Last year, it co-designed the 16-camera Odyssey rig with Alphabet‘s(NASDAQ:GOOG)(NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google. The Odyssey works with YouTube’s Jump VR platform to record, stitch together, and share content, but its $15,000 price tag puts it out of the reach of …

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