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You can now Fly Around Google Earth in Virtual Reality

A virtual reality version of Google Earth is now available for free on the HTC Vive, letting users explore reconstructed cultural treasures, global landmarks, or (for some) their own homes in VR. Google Earth VR has been in development for some time, and it bears conceptual similarity to the version …

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Good Recruiting Webstars, Hulu for VR Push

Google is investing hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece in virtual-reality films and programs, part of a plan to line up exclusive content for the debut of its new Daydream service in the coming weeks, according to people familiar with the matter. Google will help promote projects from Hulu LLC …

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Virtual Reality Controlling Drones With Body Sensors

  Virtual Reality Controlling Drones With Body Sensors Virtual Reality, the internet of things, and the control of drones through body movements are technologies that could one day serve the IDF on the battlefield. An event hosted this month by the Israel Air Force, called Mahanet, held at a technical …

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Paranoia is ‘reduced with virtual reality’

Paranoia is Reduced with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been used to help treat severe paranoia. Patients who suffered persecutory delusions were encouraged to step into a computer-generated Underground train carriage and a lift. The simulations allowed the study’s 30 patients to learn social situations they feared were actually safe. The research at Oxford University, published …

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Automakers See Virtual Reality Beckoning Buyers to Dealerships

Volkswagen AG’s Audi plans to roll out Oculus Rift headsets in a number of dealerships by the end of this year. Johan de Nysschen, president of General Motors Co.’s Cadillac, in February encouraged some of the company’s lowest-volume outlets to go virtual. With dealers from Brazil to Berlin already experimenting with …

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Facebook’s Oculus Rift Won’t be the iPhone of Virtual Reality

Facebook‘s time as a hardware manufacturer may be short lived. In March, the social networking giant launched its first piece of hardware: the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift. Although the Oculus Rift won’t generate much revenue for Facebook in 2016, it still represents something of a surprising shift in Facebook’s core business model. Until last …

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